About Jelle


Canon launched it's new Ixus and Powershot models in a spectacular way at it's European press release party recently. Jelle directed an original animated film wich made sure the press was amazed.

Now this animated film is also launched on the internet as a viral marketing film.

To enjoy all of Jelle's animated films, go to:


Dutch TV station Vara requested a new series of vingles(video jingles) for the show De Wereld Draait Door. They feature the reporters of the show called "de Jakhalzen". (the Jackals)

Jakhals isolde waiting. The banana eats itself.

I shot the stop motion animations for the new vingles in a studio in front of a bluescreen. This makes it possible for "de Jakhalzen" to fit in background wich fit with the reports they make.


Jelle produced 2 unique animated films to promote the services of Instituut Schenkel. The services Examentraining (Training for Exams) and Huiswerkbegeleiding (Homework tutoring) are transformed into a fresh mix of Stop Motion- and Flash animation. For extra online advertisement Jelle also produced a Flash banner in the same style.

Click the pictures above to view both films.


Jelle produced an internet commercial for SWISS International Airlines. This commercial will be launched as a viral marketing video. This means the video will be spread by itself on the internet. For instance through weblogs and videoportals.

More often a viral marketing video is launched because it's a great way to reach a big audience without having media costs.

The commercial can be viewed here:


For Vara’s popular show De wereld draait door I made about 50 short animations which will support the emotions of the “Jakhalzen (Jackals)”.

“De Jakhalzen” is a returning item at the show. Several reporters make great reports. By using stop-motion animation I tried to show their emotions in an original way.

“De wereld draait door” is broadcasted every day at Nederland 3 at 7.30 pm.

You can watch an example by clicking this link


The "Nederlandse Game Dagen" (Dutch Game Days) conference took place in Utrecht from the 18th of November till the 26th of November. The NLGD conference provides educational, networking, and business opportunities for game development professionals driving the growing game industry.

The organisation of the NLGD asked me to make an interesting stop-motion animated trailer.
The trailer will also function as visual decoration at the event.

Also, I was asked to design the visual support for the granting of the Spill Group Game Award at the NLDG of 2006.

The trailer can be viewed at:

The game award visuals can be viewed at:



made this product animation for Buxus nursery van Dun. This movie shows the manufacturing process of the Buxus sempervirens. In august 2006 and august 2007 the movie was shown at the “Plantarium” in Boskoop. This animation is a nice example of an original product presentation.

Watch the movie here:


This Stop Motion Animation takes you into another world. In this world no physical laws count. The only laws that count are the laws of the Animator.

The intention of this movie is to show the viewer another perspective of their environment.

The movie is made for DVD but you can view the web version here: