Over Jelle


Recently I've been filmed a whole day for the
german (international) TV station Deutsche Welle.

For this report they filmed my real life in contrast to
My Animated World. You can see me working on my new film for example. I also explain how some scenes from My Animated World were made.

The report will be broadcasted in September.

By clicking the following link you can view some test shots for my new film:


My Animated World keeps going strong by the request of MTV Networks Europe to send in the film for their new show called Best.Show.Ever

My Animated World has been viewed over 1,5 million times on the internet and will soon be broadcasted at the channels of MTV.


My Animated World is released a while a go but is still being watched by about 4000 people daily, and is commented a lot. On many international weblogs and filmwebsites are articles about my film.

The following article also covers My Animated World and has been published in a German newspaper called Süddeutsche Zeitung. This article is very well written and covers my film in a much deeper way. The film was shosen internetfilm of week 3 in March.

A quote in German:

"My Animated World" ist eines der qualitativ hochwertigsten Videos, das man auf den Filmportalen findet. Dieser Clip, eine mitreißende Bild-Ton-Kollage, an der der User JelleVanDun sechs Monate lang gebastelt hat, hätte auch bei einem Kurzfilmfestival gute Chancen. Jelle zeigt in 4:56 Minuten einen Tag in seinem Leben und wie sehr eine visuelle Subkultur seine Wahrnehmung der Welt beeinflusst."

The great article can be read here.


Recently, an interview with me has been broadcasted at the music station The Box during the show Moccah.

Moccah is a television show at which talented or remarkable people tell about what they do in life, they explain why they do it and how they do it.

In the interview about my movie “My Animated World” I tell about my passion for stop-motion animation. Also, I explain how this technique is being used for making movies. The will also show pieces of My Animated World during the interview.

You can watch the interview (in dutch) by clicking
this link



In October’s issue of techlifestyle magazine Bright you can read an interview with me about My Animated World and My own company.

The article belongs to the section The Bright Bunch. The Bright Bunch are people with a sparkle in their eyes. Passionate. Optimistic. Open minded and drawn to new things. Ambitious but playful. They are creators. They are smaakmakers. They are children of the digital revolution who know their way in the network. They use the tools of today to create.



At the 1st of August 2006 I was interviewed at the live radio show Radio Online about my film My Animated World.

Through the following link you can listen to the inteview (in Dutch):

Interview Radio-Online


Translated headline: "The city as a magic place where everything is possible".

At the 25th of July the Dutch newspaper BN de Stem made an article about me and my film My animated World.

The Dutch article can be read here: